It starts with a protein ball...

A ball that has it all. Melt in your mouth satisfaction, decadent taste, and macros that support your goals. A ball made by people who listened, and really heard what you needed.

It starts with a protein ball, sure. But you’ll soon realise that the Powerhouse community are your personal hype girls.
We’re here to empower, educate, support and impact you for the better. Through all life stages, for the long term.

Because when you put the focus on your health, do the inner work and surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Trust us, this is where the magic happens.

Welcome to Powerhouse Wellness babe, we can’t wait to watch you grow.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

They are so delicious. I love that you havn't used dates as they're always so overpowering" 

Emma Morgan ICN Bikini Competitor

I tend to shy away from vegan products because I usually find them gritty and grainy, but these tasted more like a chocolate ball you have at Xmas then any vegan protein ball I've tried. They aren't overly chocolatey but still satisfy the sweet tooth. With all whole food ingredients, a hit of fibre and also ticking some micronutrients I'm very impressed"

Hannah Savige - Personal Trainer

The perfect balance between flavour and macros. Delivered fast and fresh. Definitely satisfying without any unnecessary fillers or preservatives, which is always the better option for your health.

Jessica Healy - Dietician