What We Do

The goal? To make each and every one of you feel seen, appreciated and understood for the powerhouses that you are.

Built by women, for women, our brand includes coaching and lifestyle products to help you be the very best version of you. So if you’re in this for the long haul (and hey, we are too) then we’ve got the support, the squad and the snacks to power up your journey.

Be your own boss. Start the business. Reach your goals. Take the risk. Make the change. Feel better than you ever have. Ready? Girl, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Why

This isn’t about followers, it’s about our passion for building leaders. Because empowered women impact the future.

Powerhouse Wellness was founded by Rian Janan- an oat milk latte drinking holistic nutritionist and mum of 3, with a background in psychology and personal training, After navigating health issues with her children, she discovered that the nutrition education and healthy snacks she was creating were loved by everyone- not just her little ones.

From there, the business grew. Rian created coaching programmes and lifestyle products that support and empower women (and future generations) to be the very best versions of themselves. Not only that, she made a promise to always be built on authentic connection and understanding. To listen, really hear what women need, and create wellness products that deliver.

We’re the girls with the big ideas- it’s our community of Powerhouse women that bring them to life.

Holistic nutritionist Rian Janan is the creator of our protein power ball recipe. After years of sugar addiction, she created a clean but nutrient packed recipe that benefits your health but does not compromise on flavor. With a background in Psychology and Personal Training, she developed this with an understanding of the habits surrounding emotional eating and how to support your training rather than sabotage it when sugar cravings hit.