Meet Caitlyn McGuinness. Our body-building Health Coach, gym junkie + major foodie! 🖤

She has been working in the fitness industry for almost 10 years now. With dedication, she has lost 20+ kilos throughout her career and competed in three national and international bodybuilding event titles. This babe took out her ICN Sports Model Pro card in 2019.

Caitlyn always has a health-first approach to coaching. She helps her badass clients to create sustainable and healthy daily habits, to eat more, and to train with bigger intensity, while achieving body goals and fierce confidence!

If you want a coach that keeps you accountable, has done the work herself and understands limiting beliefs...
health coach caitlyn mcguinness powerhouse wellness
Juliette Vagg is our Functional Nutrition & Strength Coach Practitioner. This babe helps women restore health to glow from the inside out while building fierce strength & confidence. She also plays with blood chemistry analysis, and functional testing over at Jewel Athletic.

This mama to be will take into consideration your gut health, digestive issues, skin concerns, and your period. Not your average meal plan and fitness program but a complete holistic personalised approach that goes to the core to give you long term sustainable results.

Through Jewel Athletic, Juliette has helped numerous women to a new level of empowerment. These women have become more confident and strong about themselves and you could be, too. You are just one step away from unlocking a new level of self-discovery. 
functional nutrition coach juliette vagg powerhouse wellness