Ready to be a beauty, in beast mode? Our coaching team are your hype girls- the ones here to help you unlock the power you have within, and be a powerhouse in all areas of your life.

Whether you need support with mindset, meals, movement, motherhood or just making magic happen in your life, we can connect you with an expert coach who is best matched to your goals. They’ll create a personally tailored programme just for you, and be by your side all the way through.

We know that reaching out for coaching can feel a little uneasy, and that you might not even know how we could actually help you. That’s ok babe, we’ve been there. Coaches need coaches too- so we’ve all taken that first step too. Trust us when we say it’s worth it.

You CAN have it all babe, let us show you how.



Working with Rian doesn’t feel like work. It’s like having your best girlfriend on hand with the knowledge, truths and understanding that will leave you feeling lighter after every conversation.

A qualified psychologist, personal trainer and nutritionist (not to mention Powerhouse Wellness CEO and mother of three) she looks at your life holistically. Uncovering deep beliefs and patterns you may not even know are there, she’ll make you feel seen, heard and like someone ‘just totally gets it’.

So if you know that there’s so much more to your journey to the best version of yourself than the food you eat and the training you do- but you aren’t sure what, Rian is your girl. Completely obsessed with growth, she’ll set you on a path to becoming a powerhouse in everything you do. And that’s what this is all about babe.

I'm ready to grow         



When you have Caitlyn by your side, you can rest assured that she’ll help you break free from limiting beliefs and reach your goals, sustainably.

With a health-first approach, she helps badass women (that includes you babe) create long-term daily habits that will let you eat more and train with bigger intensity. Body goals? You’ll crush them. Confidence? It will be next level.

With almost 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, Caitlyn has competed in three national and international bodybuilding events and has an ICN Sports Model Pro card under her belt. She’s been there, done it, felt what you’re feeling and lost over 20kg’s in the process. She gets it girls.

So if you need a coach who has walked the walk, and will be there to keep you accountable, reach out to Caitlyn and start the journey to finding your own magic.

health coach caitlyn mcguinness powerhouse wellness

Ready to glow from the inside out? Juliette will get you there.

This is not your average meal and training plan. She takes into account your mindset, blood chemistry, gut health, digestive issues, skin concerns and your period. She’ll create a holistic program that helps you restore your health and build fierce strength and confidence.

Having been through her own fitness, pregnancy and motherhood journey- she knows exactly how to empower women at all stages of their lives. She’ll make you feel incredible, and find long-term sustainable results. To put it simply, she’ll change your life babe.

So if you’re ready to reach a new level of self-discovery and unlock your inner power, Juliette is your girl.

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