Rian Janan is a student of the world’s top coach - Tony Robbins. A background in psychology, personal training and nutrition (not to mention Powerhouse Wellness CEO and mother of three) she looks at your life holistically. Uncovering deep beliefs and patterns you may not even know are there, she’ll make you feel seen, heard and like someone ‘just totally gets it’. Rian holds a wealth of worldly knowledge to empower and educate you to remove handbrakes that are holding you back from your healthiest and happiest self. 

If you find yourself feeling stuck or you lack a clear vision, let Rian’s holistic results-driven approach help you live a more fulfilled life personally and professionally. Rian is an active member of Australia’s largest community of business owners and entrepreneurs The Entourage and Entrepreneur’s Open. She invests in herself with coaching and accountability groups to ensure she practices what she teaches. 

When you choose to work with an experienced coach such as Rian, you will be guided to create a compelling future that is based on your aligned life goals, by reframing your fears and revealing your self- confidence with an actionable plan towards the life you want and deserve. Completely obsessed with growth, she’ll set you on a path to becoming a powerhouse in everything you do. And that’s what this is all about babe.

"Working with Rian doesn’t feel like work. It’s like having your best girlfriend on hand with the knowledge, truths and understanding that will leave you feeling lighter after every conversation."

I'm ready to grow