What Kind Of Balls Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

In today’s health kick driven world, we’re bombarded with different kind of balls everywhere. It’s at your gym, your fave cafe, your Sunday brunch spot, and the shelves of your local supermarket.  

Okay now you might be tempted to eat that delicious goodness but, which one actually fits your lifestyle best? Which are good for you? Are there any bad balls?

Let's do the Goldilocks method, break it down and find which ones just right!


The “Hell Yeah”
Energy balls just like its name are filled with “energy”. High in calories usually from nuts, dates, and other goodness. If you’re looking for a high calorie treat before or after an energy burning activity, this is the way to go to fuel up your body.

The “Oh No”
Energy! Energy! Energy! Do we really need this for a midday tasty snack? High in calories and sometimes a bit too much for our daily caloric budget. Most energy balls rely on dates and nuts for it's caloric intake, which may not be allergen friendly or FODMAP friendly.

Snackability Rating: 5/10


The “Hell Yeah”
Health in a ball? Yes! Now we’re talking! These are usually made up of different types of dried fruits, nuts, and the addition of superfoods to hit those vitamins and micronutrients our bodies oh so enjoy. Some of these babies have some specialty herbs like maca powder for the help of hormonal regulation.

The “Oh No”
Too good to be true? Sometimes, as we know these balls are made with very caloric dense ingredients such as nuts and dried fruits. So it may not be caloric friendly or allergen friendly.

Snackability Rating: 6/10


The “Hell Yeah”
Protein! We need this, we want this. It’s the basic building block of our whole body, from muscle, skin, hair to nails. So if we can get it in a form of a tasty snack; I call that a win! These balls range differently in ingredients, from nuts, dried fruit, oat based to wheat based but with the addition of protein from a vegan or non-vegan source.

The “oh no”
Some protein balls rely on protein from nuts which makes it caloric dense. Not macro friendly at all even for a “protein ball”. Those that rely on protein powder tend to be macro friendly depending on the base used, dried fruits or flour. Be wary of fillers in these balls to improve shelf life as they don't do any favours to your gut health long term. 

Snackability Rating: 8/10

The Yes! Yes! Yes!
Powerhouse Wellness Protein balls are:
Vegan with no rubbish fillers 
Insanely Macro Friendly with ingredients you know 
Allergen Friendly
Made with oat base & highly addictive due to flavour and texture

Snackability Rating: 10/10


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